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My attempt to rewrite the Ten Commandments

The late, brilliant Christopher Hitchens commented that we should redo the Ten Commandments if we ever should follow them, and I have done, for a secular society.

  1. Consider the lives of every human being in this world including yourself as unalterably and exactly equal.

  2. Do not kill another conscious being unless the lives of others including yourself are under threat.

  3. Do not commit any form of violence or show unjustified hatred against another conscious being.

  4. Do not physically or emotionally damage a child, for they control the future of our species.

  5. Do not lie so as to cause harm to any other conscious being.

  6. Set an example for those around you, of respect above and beyond what those around you show to you.

  7. Do not steal unless the lives of others including yourself are under threat.

  8. Keep the promises you make in so far as doing so will harm no-one.

  9. Stand up for freedom of speech, and do not force those around you to act against their will.

  10. Do not act upon feelings of jealousy or resentment, for they are temporary emotions.

Please feel free to follow commandment Number 9 and appeal against these - reasoned and moderated rules are better than any form of absolute dictation after all. They are basic and I would love to hear feedback and welcome constructive criticism, thank you.


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