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Is there any doubt there is a case for taking all schools out of religious control?

Comments on an article posted on Huffington Post.

The case against the RCC for covering up child rape has been going on for a number of years but like the proverbial iceberg we only see the tip of it and the more we chip away at the tip the more of the submerged bulk rises into view. I suspect we will see allegations of pederastry against catholic clergy continue to emerge for some years yet.

Roman Catholic monks have run Downside School in Somerset, England for more than 200 years, but following the gaoling of a former monk Richard White known as Father Nicholas, for sexually abusing boys they could lose control of the prestigious private school.

The surprise here is that this is only a possibility, there is no certainty the school will be taken out of religious authority control.

Downside School in Somerset is currently conducting a "major review" of the governance arrangements after, a former monk and teacher at the school, was jailed for abusing two boys there in the 1980s.
White was jailed for five years, having been sheltered from prosecution by the RCC for more than two decades, despite admitting his crimes to monastic staff. Even after the matter was reported to the school authorities and White admitted his crimes to the principal, the police were not brought in.

As in all other cases there has been a systematic covering up and dereliction of duty of care toward the victims.

White was dismissed from his teaching post and spent the next 20 years being sent to different monastic communities across the country.

Again we see dangerous men being shuttled away to new environments where they have chance to start abusing all over again. In a blatant display of apologetics ...

Abbot Aidan Bellenger, from the independent school, said "significant changes" would soon be announced.
"It is the school's understanding that last year two former members of staff received cautions in relation to historical allegations.
"One of those involved left Downside in 1970. The other matter is unrelated to pupil welfare and concerns an 80-year-old former staff member," he added. In a statement released last week, Abbot Bellenger said the school was "truly sorry" that the abuse took place, adding: "The offences for which Richard Nicholas White has been convicted occurred over 20 years ago.


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