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Islam doesn't like the gays much, does it?

Kabir Ahmed, aged 28yrs, is an interesting fellow, isn't he? Apparently his god inspired him to distribute leaflets prior to a gay pride rally in Derby in 2010. These contained an image of a mannequin hanging from a noose, along with the message that homosexuals should be executed. His god also inspired four others to assist him in this endeavour, resulting in a court case at Derby Crown Court.

Islam really is a super worldview isn't it? It truly is the religion of peace and tolerance, assuming you subscribe to its edicts. If you do not, then it appears perfectly capable of baring its teeth and sinking them into dissenting flesh.

Consider the following: had Mr Ahmed been born into a non-Muslim family, perhaps into a secular or nominally religious household in California, what are the chances that his worldview would have evolved as it has, do you think?

I suggest that it is less the man, but more the actual religion that is the source of hate here. Pause for a moment, now, and read that last sentence again. On it hangs everything you need to know to recognise that without the teachings of his religion, Mr Ahmed would have nothing on which to base his convictions. Sure, he could still be a bigot and a fool, but he could lay claim to no divine remit. The Bible and the Koran are quite clear that homosexuality is a base and intolerable practice, and in the case of the Koran it does indeed call for the death of its practitioners.

So irrespective of whether its adherents are benign or malevolent, one cannot excuse the teachings themselves. It is Islam that provides the wellspring of hate in this instance. Islam that is the source of this unnecessary viciousness.

I know several gay men and women, and I find them decent and amenable human beings. Like the rest of us, they have flaws and nuances, but I cannot say that my observations have caused me to identify anything worthy of execution.

There are good Muslims and there are bad Muslims. I fear, however, that there is only one Islam. 



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