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Is there hope? Even after religion?

I live in western Europe and here most of the people I know do not care about religion. This is good on a first view, but I have still found a lot of irrational beliefs.

First, I am overwhelmed by the level of acceptance of homeopathy. I would say that around 50% of the people here believe there is some benefit in using homeopathy. When you ask them why they think is a benefit, either they answer: a) it is natural medicine made from herbs (so they confuse homeopathy with herbal medicine) or b) there are no side-effects (which is correct, as there are no effects at all). However, they do not seem to acknowledge the fact that the active product has been diluted to the maximum, and that homeopathy has been shown to have no more effect than a placebo.

In other areas of irrationality I have found people who hold these beliefs:

African Witches truly have "knowledge" or "power" that is beyond our Western knowledge. They tend to give examples such as "I had a stomache ache and the witch just touched me and it was gone" or, "I know somebody who knows somebody who was cursed by a witch and he had an accident," etc ...

The Egyptian pyramids were built by an unknown culture more than 10,000 years ago. An "American Scientist" showed that 10,000 years ago the pyramids were perfectly aligned to the Orion constellation. That the Egyptians were not capable of building such constructions, therefore ...

The Apollo mission was fake ...

The world is dominated by "freemasons" and they control all the news channels (including National Geographic and Science magazine)...

September 11 was organized by the American government....

I think it is important to discuss and show with facts that they are wrong. However, there are a lot of irrational crazy ideas going around and they seem to flourish everywhere on the internet. And people seem to be perfect ground to absorb all this irrational crap.

How do you cope? How do you approach these topics without being agressive or closed-minded?

Is there any hope?


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