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Psychic Television: what can I do?

This is a subject of particular interest for me as my own mother's life revolves around Psychic TV these days. Before she got caught up in it all she had what I believe was a much better quality of life. She had many friends, she read novels, she was interested in current affairs, she used to paint and draw, cook, she was enthusiastic about so many things. Since she discovered Psychic TV on SKY about six years ago, however, it's like she's disappearing bit by bit. Her days now are taken up by Psychic TV and her money spent on putting questions to clever con artists. I have of course brought it up with her but she becomes defensive and rattles off some jargon like, "It's my reality, it mightn't be yours, but we all have different paths in life."

As an atheist I find it heart-breaking to watch these charlatans doing this to her and I feel so helpless against their mighty industry built on extortion. Something should be done, I want to be able to do something about it. What makes it worse is that I know there are countless more like her.

In my mind there is no question about it, it ought to be banned, taken off the air completely. It's a despicable show, targeting the most vulnerable people in society for money, those who are grieving, lonely, lost or simply uneducated. It makes me feel ill when I think about how much money they've taken from my mother in exchange for a few paltry phrases that could be said to anybody. It's disgusting and I can't sit back and just let it happen, I have to do something, I want to be involved in a campaign or a petition or something, anything, I just don't know what to do or what I can do.

Does anyone have any thoughts or anything to add? I'd love to hear what others think.


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