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What is deism? Is it possible?

This is the subject of some personal research, and I hope this site will indulge me, as I'm sure it can be an interesting discussion topic. I see that Richard along with other atheists don't absolutely rule out the possibility of deism.

As a convinced materialist, writing about materialism, I consider deism to be a mistaken belief, as it requires that some form of mind can exist without substance: it is a view that proposes an incorrect 'mind-first' view of reality. This appears to be utterly impossible, in the same way that software running without hardware is impossible: minds only come into existence when information is shuffled around in various ways, and information is these days a distinctly physical concept.

So, I am therefore intrigued as to how deism can be considered in any way a possibility, given this understanding of information and minds. I'd like to know what anyone who considers deism as possibility thinks deism means, as I don't want to have been using the term mistakenly and so making unjustified claims!



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