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Windows of opportunity and destruction - for the human mind

On a number of different topics here, I have often referred people to The Two Year Window, a study which suggests that emotional nurture in the first two years of life are critical for the development of a normal human brain and cognitive abilities. Now I see there is a new window being suggested, the 4 to 14 year window, for religious indoctrination.

4-14 year-old window: turning children into evangelists in public schools

From the article, we find the following quote from Luis Bush:

"Unless the teachers and administrators are Christ followers, the world view that is taught will not transform the minds of the 4/14ers.” Bush continued, “Secular education does not enlighten, rather it dims one’s grasp of the ‘real reality’ rooted in the truth of scripture"

Apparently this is an actual coherent strategy on the part of the "Christian right" in the USA. So agitating for creationism to be taught next to evolution is not just a project of a bunch of poorly educated parents confronting sissy school boards.

Anyone else find their hair standing on end as they read this?



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