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Science and cinema

Scientists are among the most unlikable characters in popular movies: they're portrayed as closed-minded, clueless, rigid, dogmatic, arrogant, heartless, and even those who do not commit the unseemly crime of being overtly British or German often speak with some sort of odd, affected accent. Science itself is rarely represented as an active search for knowledge, but only as an unchanging body of facts. A standard plot turns when the main character rejects this "science" and goes with her or his heart. This must have a role in Americans' lack of respect for science.

Is this just giving the audience what it wants? Are the writers and producers simply under the same impression of science? Is there something appealing in the idea that the world is full of unknowables and supernatural mysteries, and trusting our instinct is the way to go? What's driving the dismal view of scientists and science?



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