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Why Chaplains?

I was part of a team who had to recover the body of a person who had commited suicide from the precarious place it had come to rest.

Due to the circumstances of the incident a member of our middle management asked whether or not my collegues and I would like a Chaplain to visit us to discuss our feelings.

We all declined but it got me thinking, why a Chaplain?

What is his area of expertise?

This also reminded me of a time recently when I asked my father what kind of funeral he would like. His reply suprised me, he said that he wanted the full religious service, this prompted me to ask why, to which he replied, "well what else can you do?".

How much of religion in the UK is of this type? How much is it just the routine of life, christening, baptism, marriage, funerals etc that people simply see no alternative to?

I know so many people who got married in church for nicer photos!

Anyway your thoughts please on the idea that a great deal of the power of the church in the UK is due to people being unable to imagine alternatives.



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