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Sanctimonious male virgins have no authority on sexual & reproductive issues

As a former Catholic, I have been especially interested in the furor that has erupted over the proposed HHS regulation to require some contraceptive services as part of employee health coverage. I have found most newspapers quite lacking in their coverage, and downright cowardly in resisting publication of anti-religious op-eds and letters to the editor. So, I’ve begun contacting Catholic clergy directly to point out the facts of U.S. Catholic contraceptive usage. I wonder if others would like to do the same and contact clergy in their areas. My letter (below) may be useful as a template; of course, all should feel free to add their own flourishes. Cheers.

Dear Mr __________,

I certainly don't speak for Catholics, but based on extensive polling data of American Catholics, neither do you, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, or politicians like John Boehner and Rick Santorum:

As the data show, your “flock” clearly uses all manner of reproductive services at the same rates as the rest of the population.

More importantly, let's get the facts straight on the proposed HHS regulation: it does not force Catholic or other religiously affiliated hospitals or care providers to provide care that runs counter to their deeply held beliefs. Rather, the proposed regulation requires that religious organizations, as employers, give their employees access to contraceptive care if their employees choose to use it. If your members actually gave a damn about church dogma on reproductive issues, then this would be a moot point. The shrill claims of victimhood by religious organizations are clearly part of a last-ditch effort to maintain the antiquated, repressive patriarchy that your cult has always relied upon.

The notion that the Catholic church has ANY sort of authority on issues of sexuality is an affront to anyone with an intact moral sense. How about you all concentrate on preventing child rape committed by your own leaders instead of invading the bedrooms and medicine cabinets of your adult employees?

The USCCB is clearly confused. This is NOT an issue of whether individuals have the right to practice their religion without interference from the government. The issue at hand is whether employers should be able to impose their beliefs on their employees.


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