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The 'Witch Children' Condemned by Christians

I am too upset to say much, and someone else will post anyway, but, watching BBC and Sky news all day, talking about the monsters who murdered this poor 15-year old boy, I have seen no mention of what the Christian churches in Africa are doing about this tragic situation.

Yes, I know that they are providing safe houses, but isn't that like Mother Teresa letting children die if it was 'God's will' rather than allowing contraception? Don't they get enough brownie points by having enough good to do in the world without creating the need for more?

There has been a huge increase in these 'exorcisms' and there are thousands of subsequently homeless (or dead) children. In West Africa, suspicion of witchcraft is the only grounds on which a relative, no matter how distant, can be summarily banished from a family home.

These halfwits torture, beat, maim and kill these children because of 'Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live' - in the BIBLE. Pastors are often the witchfinder general. Others turn a biblical blind eye. Watching the news footage, the people were portrayed as black savages a world away from good Christian values.



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