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Advantages of Humanism

What would a morality free from religion look like? How is it a more rational and perhaps a more common sense approach to life? Let us count the ways.

  1. Positive decisions are psychologically sound. They are in alignment with human nature.

  2. The idea of rewards and punishments is intrinsically or extrinsically self-motivated.

  3. Recognizes that cause and effect naturally occur as a result of our choices and behavior.

  4. Acknowledges that joy is a strong, positive motivating factor. [Instead of threats of punishment and fear tactics, helping people to feel good about themselves (and yourself) motivates people and builds relationships.]

  5. Suggests that personal action is required to rectify a challenging situation.

  6. Helps the person to realize that they have an effect upon the world and others. Being proactive is necessary.

  7. Gives credit where credit is due. (Landing an airplane was the result of skill on the part of the pilot and not a miracle from an invisible force.)

  8. Recognizes human achievement, skill, intelligence, and possibilities.

  9. Acknowledges and celebrates other people directly. (Consider the difference between a Humanist celebration of a deceased person and a rote Catholic mass.)

  10. Having good self esteem is a good thing.

  11. People help people.

  12. Empowers a person to make wise, reasonable decisions about important aspects of their lives.

  13. Acknowledges people's foibles and shortcomings (without the added guilt and eternal judgement.)

  14. Focuses on progress and the recognition of past achievements.


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