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Catholic School?

Fellow Free Thinkers,

I live in the United States. I moved to the town I live in four years ago largely because of the school district it was in. In the last few years, however, budget cuts have forced some schools in my district to close, and the remaining schools have become crowded and mediocre at best.

The situation in my town has caused me to consider sending my two boys to a Catholic school near where I work. The school has much higher test scores. There are also elements of private education that I do like - less tolerance for mischief and bad behavior, and uniforms to minimize the practice of children being judged by their wardrobe.

So, in one sense, sending my children to this Catholic school makes perfect sense. On the other hand, I ask myself, have I lost it? Am I really going to subject my children to daily lessons in religion? Am I really going to finance a religion for which I have mostly contempt? Can I really pretend to be part of the flock?

I feel that my duties as a father and my duty as a free thinker are in conflict.

My current thinking is that I should send my children to the Catholic school. It has much of what I want - higher test scores, smaller classes, school uniforms and discipline. The part I do not like - the daily instructions in religion - I plan to counteract with my own questions to my children causing them to think for themselves. They will also be made familiar with criticisms of religion.

Am I being naive? Crazy? Any thoughts, and I mean any thoughts, would be welcomed.



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