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Living in a very religious country

The Philippines is said to be the best place for women in Asia and among the top 20 best places for women in the world, but as a young Filipino woman I am not satisfied with how our government is treating us, and religion is largely to blame for it, aside from rampant corruption and lack of political will among our leaders. The Philippines has yet to legalize divorce, and even a bill aiming to provide access to reproductive health information and reproductive health care to everyone (which is going to immensely improve maternal health care in the care) is being strongly opposed by the religious. There is also a sexist bias in the law regarding adultery and concubinage, where a cheating wife may be sent to jail if there is proof of sexual intercourse with another man, while a cheating husband can only be convicted if he is proven to have cohabited with a mistress or have sexual intercourse under "scandalous circumstances." It is not only the women who are victims here, but also the LGBT community. LGBT hate crimes are rampant, and the most popular Filipino in the world is against gay marriage and it doesn't help that he is part of our legislative body.

What am I to do about all the religiously encouraged bias and injustices going on in a country where 94% of the people believe in God? How can the remaining 6% campaign for reproductive health and women's rights (as well as LGBT rights) when the religious can't even stand Lady Gaga? I don't want to lose hope. Sometimes I wish to have been born in a more enlightened time, but right now it's rather difficult to see how enlightenment will come in a place like this.



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