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School Challenge

Just a big thank you to this site!

I went on here when my son, who was in year 9, wanted to challenge the school system that was making R.E. a compulsory GCSE. I gained advice on our rights as parent and child and removed him from future R.E. lessons. The head of R.E. (strangely a self confessed atheist) didn't like it and threatened to have my son removed from the school completely. I felt firm in my convictions and held firm.

It worked. My son no longer wasted time in his years 10 & 11 on learning something he had no use of and devoted this spare time to improving his weaker subjects. His mates thought him mad as they had been enticed with the carrot that R.E. was an easy GCSE. He held strong and did well in his final exams.

The icing on the cake was that the school accidently put him in for the R.E. exams anyway. He got a C having not attended a single R.E. lesson in over 2 years! Most of the other children who attended all the session only got D & E's...

So thank you, to whoever responded to my request for help from a very proud mum!





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