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Religious conversation and the Socratic method

Hello, I am a relative newcomer to the world of atheism and philosophy. I have recently come across the Socratic method, and as I understand it so far it fits my personal style and I think it will be a useful tool in leading a conversation about religion. My idea is that I could have a discussion with someone, explore their ideas in detail, find the limits of their understanding, and then finally contribute atheistic points of view (in small doses). I'm not interested in playing "gotcha" or "winning"; only in having an intelligent conversation and possibly planting and watering the seeds of thought in the minds of my fellow citizens.

I suppose the next step is to actually try this, and report back, but I have not done so. I need a nudge in the right direction. Does anybody have any thoughts on this? Any personal experiences to share? Any videos online that demonstrate what I am thinking about? I would appreciate hearing from you. And I am glad to have found this community.


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