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Anyone Heard Of Sparlock, The New Ex-Jehovah's Witness Meme?

This might amuse some of you, but will probably interest ex-Jehovah's Witnesses who are now atheists. (There are more of us than you might think.) The Watchtower Society (the religious org behind JWs) will soon be releasing a set of DVDs for children at one of their upcoming district conventions.

It's basically an indoctrination video for little kids. You can see more about it, including the actual video, at my web site

Part of the video includes a made-up character called "Sparlock the Warrior Wizard." The boy in the video, Caleb, brings the toy Sparlock home and his mother chastises him for playing with a toy that is supposedly magical, even shaming him into throwing it away, despite the fact that it's just a piece of plastic. Note that the Society teaches JWs that all such objects invite demons into their lives to torment them. This extends to cartoons, movies, books, anything that is even distantly seen as magical or pagan.

There's a movement among XJWs -- especially atheists like me -- to make him our Flying Spaghetti Monster. If you look up Sparlock on Google, you'll find that it's causing a big stir online among XJWs online. He even has a Face Book page.

We are also hoping to raise awareness of just how nutty the whole thing is. Hence my posting it here.

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