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Mandatory religious worship in schools

I have taught my young children about the ineffectiveness of intuition, and to look for evidence and conduct experiments in order to decide what is true and what is not. Up until recently I have never discussed religion with them.

Since starting school recently my offspring has been coming home singing about how big and strong her god is, and how her god made all the mountains and rivers etc.

Now I find myself having to teach my two youngest about the numerous gods throughout history which at the time people were utterly convinced were real but now most people find ridiculous. I have had to teach them about Zeus and Thor, but then teach them to true causes of lightening and thunder (which was an unexpected bonus), I have taught them the rather ridiculous Hindu creation story of lotus flowers coming out of a belly button in order to create the Earth, and explain how many people believe in God despite having less evidence than they do for Santa (we have always taught them that Santa was not real.)

I discussed this with my child's class teacher and was surprised to learn that this is a legal requirement. I did a quick Google search and found this e-petition linked from the UK humanist website.

Unfortunately not many of the parents in our area are likely to be going to the lengths my wife and I are going to in order to ensure our children have a firm grounding in reality, so if you are in the UK and have not yet signed this petition please make sure you do.



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