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Leafy Sea Dragon Fish

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I see this photo and turn into a kid. But I'm 56. It's jaw-dropping exciting to feel that youthful rush, back to my first butterfly chase and to a praying mantis that brought so much pleasure and amazement.

How can this be? How can this incredible, beyond-reality living thing be looking and behaving like this? How is this possible?

And then I get so pissed off. Creationists dare to claim it has not evolved, that irreducible complexity is proof for intelligent design, to take away my joy and claim yet another 'reality' of ' by god' and steal me this. They dare to cheat with agendas that have nothing to do with what it actually is and how it came to be.

You bloody arrogant bastards! Stay away from my evolution! Leave me alone! Creationists steal my youth, my joy with impossible claims and absurd 'evidence' to justify thier views. Science knows exactly how this animal would have evolved. It belongs to itself, to existence without human intervention as if it were made for our purpose. It belongs to reality and nature for its own sake. To see this as it is makes me a kid again. What a fish! What a marvel! Leave it be!



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