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Refuting supernatural

Many anomalies exist and many more will be discovered. Things that are impossible, as we currently know them to be, may one day be discovered and we might never have an explanation for their existence. I suggest that if these anomalies exist, then they are natural and cannot be supernatural. 

Refuting supernatural claims.

  1. Nothing can both exist and be outside of nature, as nature is the sum of everything in existence.

  2. Nothing that exists can defy the laws of nature. The subjects existence is proof that the laws of nature do not work in such a way that would prevent it from existing. The subjects existence is proof that it complies with the laws of nature.

  3. Any assertion of truth in regards to the subjects existence is a claim for its natural existence.

  4. The title of supernatural is given to the subject if it is beyond current scientific understanding and the known laws of nature, provided the available evidence was demonstrated to be unreliable or inaccurate. 

  5. The title of natural is given upon the subjects proven existence. Our understanding of the laws of nature must change to comply with the subjects proven existence. The laws of nature themselves continue to remain in harmony with the subject. 

  6. Either modification of the known laws of nature or a rewritten definition of the supernatural subject being discussed is required for the subject to exist.

What this means:

Nothing can both exist and be considered supernatural. Please note, the title of supernatural does not equate to nonexistence. It implies that the subjects existence goes against our current understanding of the laws of nature. See #6 above.

Any claim for a subjects existence is within the realm of science. However, the more absurd the claim, the less scientific attention it deserves. 

For example:

We place magic outside of science with such ease because we have been doing so for so long. What would happen, though, if a magic wand were to be discovered, that gave magic powers to its wielder? Our understanding of the laws of nature would have to change to accommodate the existence of magic. Perhaps magic would be added to our list of known energies; Magnetic, Kinetic, Magic?

My personal views:

I dont believe in ghosts, ESP, and god(s), but I also don't claim them to be impossible. Just incredibly improbable. #6 on the Dawkins scale.

I'm looking forward to this being ripped apart and/or praised. Both should bring good discussion.


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