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Refugee visa for Alexander Aan?

Hi all

I hope all of you still remember Alexander Aan, the Indonesian Atheist who was handed 2 and a half years prison sentence.

I am no legal expert, so I'd like to get some input from the community here whether he could be granted a refugee visa for being an Atheist.

I can foresee that he would continue to be harassed after his sentence because of the nature of religious fanaticism there, and the government won't help him either because Atheism is not recognised by the country's constitution. It's unlikely that Indonesia will suddenly develop a tolerant attitude towards Atheists in 2.5 years, so I think the best course of action is to get him out of there (if he could survive the prison sentence).

Also, I saw this youtube video shared by Karl Karnadi, the President of "Indonesian Atheists", today.

It's in Indonesian & it doesn't have any subtitles, but there's the gist of it:

Aktris Mulati, a civil servant from Ciamis posted comments claiming that she does not believe in afterlife and that God does not exist on facebook, causing distress among the neighbouring community. On Monday noon, she undergoes a repentance process in a mosque near her workplace, witnessed by the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI). After which, she made a national apology on camera. Meanwhile, her husband, Sebastian, who is suspected of sharing her convictions is being "secured" in a police headquarter to protect him against angry mob.


Aktris Mulati, a civil servant from Ciamis was forced to repent in a mosque by a religious fundamentalist party and her husband is jailed on the suspicion of being an Atheist.

Does this constitute as systematic persecution? Can we get these people out of that crazy country or what?


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