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Is religious proselytising on the rise in UK schools?

Being unaware of religious advertising as a youngster, I am unable to say how much effort was put into religious indoctrination in decades gone by, but I am increasingly under the impression that the Christian sects in the UK are on a renewed mission to gather in the young in our schools. There seems also to be at least one teacher with a Christian agenda in every school you might look at. An agenda that surreptitiously opposes the proper spirit of the curriculum in order to impose their own superstitious beliefs. Why is this still going on in our schools? A few reasons spring to mind such as the state-ordained Church of England and its soft-touch catalyzing of more hardened faiths or the lack of decent selection processes in hiring teachers, or perhaps it is the enforced nonsensical political correctness that the majority seem to want to slurp up by the bucket-load ... and these people can be teachers too. So they allow the activities of these proselytizers to go on insufficiently unimpeded, without challenge. Of course this is all 'in my opinion'. Then there's the issue of public advertising, where I'm seeing numerous banners and posters around the local village or town telling us that apparently Jesus is Alive! Well I'm certain there are many thousands of people named Jesus in Hispanic countries ... I don't need to be told about it.

So there it was on my dining room table as I walked in from work. A book given to my son while at school, an otherwise very good school whose name I shall not mention. 'Heart Mind & Soul' by Authentic Media Ltd (on inspection of the website - a horrifying publisher of Christian propaganda). The cover shows a picture of an athlete's legs leaving the starting blocks, an obvious nod toward the coming Olympics. An event clearly already in the minds of youngsters from the recent barrage of media coverage, and an easy way to engage the interest of a primary school child. Why are the religious so sneaky about their spreading of the 'word'?

What then to do? I feel there is little I can do to stop this kind of thing, having experienced it in more than one of the schools my kids have been to. What about the teachers? Most of them are great at their job and I have no quarrel with them. But I feel as if my only choice is to become the trouble-making parent and so will soon be speaking to the headmaster at my children's primary school about this book.

So what do you think, Is religious proselytizing on the rise in our schools?



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