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living in the watchtower

When religious people come knocking on my door I avoid them, I admit. I probably should not but I live in my in-laws' basement, [and they are JWs], so I put up with all the knocking I can. Lately it has not been as much: I feel like I have informed myself and researched the Watchtower (Jehovah's Witness) religion so well that I know more about the organization than my in-laws do, so they bother me less.

I don't like to confront them very often, mostly because their arguments are so basic and infantile it almost makes me laugh. Any question I raise to make them use some of their neurons never gets answered, even when I give them time to ask their brethren about it at their meetings.

I respect them, not their ideas, and it's difficult not to sound condescending. I'm having a hard time getting through to them and keeping my own head. I live in Portugal, so you can probably imagine that Catholicism/Christianity are everywhere.

To sum it all up, I have a daughter who is sixteen months old and she likes spending time with her grandparents, which I believe is healthy, but I am starting to worry about the way my daughter might be influenced with all the bible studies going on, the magazines all over the place, the lunch and dinner prayers, etc.

How can I make it so that they have a healthy loving relationship with their grandaughter, without the Watchtower? How could one make this happen?


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