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Atheism: the cheapest alternative?

I recently read on Freakonomics how many people in Cambodia are converting to Christianity to save money. Basically, their animist religion expected them to make hugely expensive sacrifices to the spirits and ghosts for all kinds of things, for example a $500 buffalo for help for a sick relative. This is an enormous amount of money for people in such a poor country. The problem is, Christianity (as well as other religions) also expects money (tithing), just a little bit less!

So I was wondering, could we use this fact to our advantage? In my opinion, a marketing strategy emphasising that if you leave religion behind, you do not have to give any money to any religious organisation, but get to keep it for yourself (and hopefully put it to good use, like buying real medicine!) could help to decrease religious influence in third-world countries much more effectively than any intellectual arguments. What do you think?


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