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Effect of the concept of hell on children

I am a teenager and have recently begun to have doubts about my Catholic faith. I have researched heavily into the topic of religion and have started to see many errors and fallacies concerning arguments for religion and for my own religious beliefs. I was raised a Catholic and attended Sunday School as a child. I had deep faith in Jesus and the Christian religion.

Recently, I began to take a strong interest in science and I noticed how some aspects of my faith did not seem to be compatible with what I was learning. I also saw how many scientists and writers that I looked up to and admired were atheist and agnostic.

However, whenever I try to reach any conclusions about whether or not I believe in my own faith I am struck with intense fear of hell and how my skepticism and freethinking will put me there. If anyone has ever been through this and has gotten over this fear, your comments would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone would like to add any comments about how religious indoctrination in children affects people later in life, please feel free to do so. Thanks.


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