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Religious Olympics

With the Olympic Games starting next week in London, and after that the Para Olympics, maybe now might be the right time for a thought experiment as to what kind of games the theologians, priests, rabbis, imans, apologists, strong believers, believers, weak believers might like to compete in for a place in heaven? I will suggest a few, but I'm sure there are far more many inventive minds than mine.

Mental gymnastics (Recommended for fully trained, sophisticated theologians only.)

Competitive contemplation ( Will the Buddhists walk away with the prize?)

Yarn-telling marathon (WLC and Plantinga could be in for a challenge!)

Waiting for the question mark.( Rowan Williams must surely be the hot favourite?)

Evilution hating (Surely a chance for competetive YECs to show their valour!)

I await better suggestions than mine!



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