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Para-naturalistic theories cannot lead to practical engineering

As a scientist and an engineer, I am often delighted by the many ways that scientific discovery has led to practical engineering application. Of course, I am delighted by pure science, but practical applications can be a form of vindication for scientists who are often dismissed by the general public. Indeed, one attractive quality of science is that all scientific discoveries have at least a distant potential for practical applications, even if we can't imagine them just now. And like many other sciences, evolutionary theory is of immense value in several engineering fields, including bioinformatics and medicine.

Proponents of creationism and intelligent design wish to suggest that their "theory" has explanatory value and therefore scientific merit. There is also a contingent who object to God being removed from the explanations of the world. However, even if there were some supernatural influence that we could postulate, is important to realize that for any scientific theory to have the potential to lead to practical applications, it absolutely MUST be purely naturalistic and mechanistic.

The main reason for this is that engineers lack the ability to perform magic or miracles.

So the next time someone complains to you that evolutionary theory might be leaving something out by dismissing the supernatural, ask them how the supernatural might be of any use to the many scientists around the world daily developing new life-saving medicines.

(The more I think about it, it occurs to me that many anti-science folks object to pure science on the basis of its perceived lack of practical application. Ironic, ain't it.)


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