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Loss within the truth

I've been a long time atheist. From an early age I recognized some contradictions and inconsistencies and was lucky enough to be raised in a non-religious home - with very loving, caring parents I might add. That shouldnt be right. The writings of Dawkins and Hitchens forever cemented my 'belief' system.

Recently, however, being a parent to two wonderful kids and married to a beautiful wife it's hit me that beyond this reality I will never see them again. While I've accepted this as fact for some time, it's as if a profound sense of sadness has descended upon me. I know the answer is to love and cherish them with all that I am now, and believe I will, but it has made me wish that the fallacy that is religion were true.

I recognize how powerful the attraction is to the false promise of immortality, and understand how those not strong enough to see past it can base their lives on it. I only wish it were true that one could be connected through eternity with those you love. But, alas, the sky fairy is for not.

As the saying goes, the truth shall set you free, but isn't always what you hope for. Peace and unbelief :)


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