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Against All Gods

I whiled away a pleasant hour or so on the plane to Tokyo, reading A C Grayling's excellent little book, Against All Gods. Strongly recommended. Here's a sample paragraph, which might repay discussion:-

There is a biochemistry professor at Lehigh University in the United States called Michael J Behe, darling of the Creationists, who says that biological structures are 'irreducibly complex' and their existence can therefore only be explained by invoking a divine designer. This absurd argument, which alleges a mystery (the existence of complex biological structures) and claims to solve it by introducing an arbitrary and even greater mystery (the existence of a deity), has exactly the same logical force of saying that the shapes of clouds are designed by Fred. (Who or what is Fred? Pick a legend to explain.)

This, it seems to me, should be the last word on all arguments from design, cosmological arguments, arguments from first cause, etc. Will any "sophisticated theologian" dissent?



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