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Dangerous Amendment 2 in Missouri

Missourians go to the polls for primary elections August 7th, 2012. On the ballot will be a measure proposing an amendment to the constitution, known as Amendment 2.

Among other things, this amendment extends a right to people that is already granted them by the U.S. federal Constitution. It allows for public, elected officials to conduct prayer ceremonies before every meeting of the General Assembly.

Most notable, however, is that the amendment will allow school children to 'opt out' of class assignments that do not jive with their religious beliefs, or that otherwise would challenge their religion. This means if a student believes a god created man from dirt and sticks, that student does not have to participate in any assignments relating to evolution. If the student believes the Earth to be 6,000 years old, that student does not have to participate in any Geology assignments.

It also allows parents to make judgement calls as to whether or not certain subjects that contradict their religious faith should be taught to their children. This measure will serve to stymie intellectual growth and is a travesty of the concept of education. It severely blurs the line between church and state and brings god right into the classroom.

The Secular Coalition for America is in the process of organizing state chapters and our Missouri chapter has not quite gotten up and on its feet yet. We need all the support we can get if this measure is to be struck down.

Help spread the word and help protect our children from indoctrination and a lifetime of ignorance. This amendment not only reduces education to a pick-and-choose supermarket sort of arrangement, but will also cost taxpayers a ton of money when it is fought in court and appealed, as the ACLU has already started working on.

It is being sold as an expansion of religious freedom. But it provides no new freedoms that are not already guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, and seeks to subvert the education system.



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