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Rise of religion in Russia

I live in Russia in Moscow.

In the days of the Soviet Union I knew that religion is "the opium of the masses". It was clear for everyone that only old people went to church.

But now I'm afraid the situation in my country has changed. We are building churches but not hospitals. TV programmes tell us that, for many thousands of years, Russia was a Christian country. Serious people talk about a "devil" who can rule our lives. One famous Russian professor said on TV that "atheists are animals and should be in hospital".

I think that there are two cheap ways for goverments to rule the people - patriotism and religion. But in Russia religion is most important thing now.

My friends from school are now going to church. But they had the same classes in school as I did - mathematics and astronomy, and no religion. What is going on?

What do you think about this? Is it the same in Europe too?

Thank you for answer!


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