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Guidance in turning my children to reason

I was excommunicated from the Mormon church in 2006. I just finished The God Delusion. My eyes are open, and I'm grateful I was excommunicated, for I don't believe I would have ever considered atheism otherwise.

My wife takes our children, faithfully, to church each Sunday. (I stay at home and work in our garage or play on the computer, etc.) I was raised in the Mormon faith as my children are being raised now. In the next few weeks, I intend to speak with my wife about limiting my children's involvement in religion until they are 18.

I can "testify" of the indoctrination which happens to children. And I want to limit the indoctrination which my children receive; I want them to decide for themselves which path to choose. I want to tell her that I don't want them to be baptized, receive the priesthood, or any other ordinance or religious responsibility until they are 18. They may attend church every other week. On weeks they don't attend church, I plan to visit the library with the children, teach them to think, go on hikes, watch a movie, or just be lazy at home.

My wife will certainly be very unhappy about my asking this. To her credit, she has been surprisingly supportive of me during my "spiritual" journey and even my new identity as an Aspiring Atheist. However when it comes to the kids, I think she'll freak. In fact, I feel there is a possibility she may threaten divorce.

I'm writing because I need guidance in preparing for what will certainly become an ongoing dialogue, but certainly help with our initial conversation about the subject.

I love my wife. I want to stay with her. I want my children free of the religious shackles which I daily struggle to remove. These things are so important to me.

We have 5 children and 1 due in August. They are ages 11, 9, 7, 5, and 2.

I look forward to direct feedback or reading recommendations, as well as any other insight.

Thank You Community!


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