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Tired of arguing

"I do believe that the infiltration of Muslims in what used to be a christian nation is not good. But now we say its ok for haters, ok for gays, ok for freaks and false gods like Richard Dawkings.Yet its NOT OK for christians to voice their opinions." Rkeller900, Huffington Post message board.

This was comment nr. 30 I replied to last evening. Discussing issues like equal rights, evolution vs. creationism, secularism etc. are important. And it feels great when you've convinced someone to see things in a rational way. Or when a well argumented response opens your eyes about your own misconceptions.

But the majority of the time the people you debate both on-line and in the flesh are not open to honest debate, to consider their own ideas flawed, to accept facts that contradict their views. Some cannot even muster more than a poorly executed ad hominem.

How do you all find the will to keep engaging, to find those precious few that can be 'turned around for the better' (ensuring more votes against bills allowing creationism in schools, or at least less of them in favour for example)?

Inspirational stories are welcomed in particular since quite recently a few nice gentlemen thought it would be a good idea to kick me into the hospital because of my views on homosexuality. I have kind of lost my faith in humanity since then.



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