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Go to: Norway abolishes state sponsored Church of Norway

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Well the US did this in a way and in theory in 1789, throwing kings and priests out of the government. The problem is the populace has not lived up to that and are getting dumber.

Islam will survive because of mathematics: its birth rate is humongous.

Comment 20 by SpleenandSpiceSahota :

This is wonderful, does anyone know if this step is unprecedented? I mean has any other state ever taken this step without attacking the church (like the communists?). Hopefully this could set a precedent for other Western European states to follow. Religion is in retreat in many places, and so I had a debate with someone about which religion could be the one most likely to survive free thought, questions, good education, affluence and good standard of living. We decided that Hinduism could be the most robust because of it's flexibility and fluidity. Christianity and Islam are simply far to brittle, and need laws such as blasphemy to sustain their weird notions.

What do others think, which religion is mostly to survive the future?

Wed, 16 May 2012 11:47:30 UTC | #941809

Go to: UK Christian leaders warn religion is being pushed out of public life

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Eric Pickles? It's a Monty Python sketch.

Fri, 10 Feb 2012 21:46:59 UTC | #916423

Go to: Pope 'exorcised two men in the Vatican', claims new book

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Comment 15 by passutoba :

"They banged their heads on the ground. The Swiss Guards watched them but did nothing,"

No surprise there, it's what the Swiss Guards are best at.......

That, and procuring catamites.

Fri, 10 Feb 2012 08:39:43 UTC | #916132

Go to: Creationist School Bill Looks Doomed in Indiana

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Comment 10 by blitz442 :

From the article:

However, they did deploy a few new tactics in the never-ending assault on evolutionary theory by religious fundamentalists.

No they didn't, if "they" is meant to refer to the creotard Republicans. Apparently they were just outwitted by this clever woman:

Republicans control both houses of the Indiana legislature. But the amendment to include other religions actually came from a Democrat, state Senator Vi Simpson, from Bloomington, home of Indiana University. Simpson told the Associated Press earlier this week that she hoped local school boards would think twice about sanctioning such a lesson if its religious connections were put front and center. "It does make it clear that a school board can't just say we're only going to teach Christian creation theory," she said. The bill's sponsor, Republican state Senator Dennis Kruse, told AP that he didn't like the change but hoped it would gain him some votes.

This woman should be sent letters and emails of congratulations and this tactic should be part of the playbook the next time legislation like this is proposed.

Three cheers for Bloomington: Great town with a good university with one of the best music schools in the world. An intellectual and scenic oasis in a a right wing desert.

Sun, 05 Feb 2012 21:50:06 UTC | #914893

Go to: The Violent Oppression of Women in Islam

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Comment 15 by Carl Sai Baba :

I don't trust Horowitz either, but we don't need some religious crackpot like him to tell us that negotiating with the Taliban for a 50% reduction in acid attacks on school girls is not a good exit strategy.

Pretty hard to come up with a good exit strategy when there was no entrance strategy whatsoever.

Fri, 03 Feb 2012 21:02:46 UTC | #914291

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