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Go to: Audiobook Review: On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin, read by Richard Dawkins

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Is there anyone offering the mp3's for download? Is this at

Mon, 09 Feb 2009 12:23:00 UTC | #321930

Go to: Richard Dawkins interviews Father George Coyne

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That was awesome. Very interesting.

I made a few comments as I was watching it:

But I think I was a little quick on the draw, and assumed opinions of Coyne that he later rejected. He seems to be a very reasonable scientist, as far as that goes, which I think makes his brand of religion that much more subversive.

A bit odd he thinks the soul is an evolved trait though. The standard materialist arguments apply - by what mechanism? how do you account for brain activity determining personality, etc. but the genetic component is a new one.

By that logic there must be a gene for death survival! Is there variation in our population? Could a mutant be born who is human in every way, except they lack the ability to survive their own death? Could we stick the gene in a fish, and fill heaven up with salmon?

Tue, 09 Dec 2008 22:47:00 UTC | #285423

Go to: Interview with Richard Dawkins on fairy tales and retirement

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Anecdotally, I would disagree with Dawkins about fantasy being anti-scientific. There seems to be a pretty strong correlation between being a science lover and a sci-fi/fantasy lover. I don't know what the correlation looks like the other way around (is a fantasy fan more likely to be a science fan) but my guess is that it certainly doesn't hurt.

Mon, 27 Oct 2008 12:53:00 UTC | #258807

Go to: Muslim Rebel Sisters: At Odds With Islam and Each Other

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The distal cause thing is tricky. Be careful not to imply that any cause should be a source of blame. There is an endless causal chain, as with anything - for example, had the towers not been built in the first place, they could not have been brought down.

The construction of the WTC 'caused' 9/11, but I'm sure I don't have to point out the trouble you'd be in if you were to even implicitly suggest that 9/11 was the 'fault' of the builders.

Perhaps western values had a hand in causing the attack, but the blame lies solely on Islam for its utter intolerance of those values.

Fri, 02 May 2008 13:12:00 UTC | #165620

Go to: Bill Good Interviews Richard Dawkins

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I wonder if Richard would be willing to do a Q&A on this site, answering some new (and more intelligent) questions from his fans - things we'd like his opinion on - instead of the usual creationist FAQ.

I loved his immediate and thorough answer to the caller asking about the supposed lack of evidence for evolution.

Wed, 30 Apr 2008 15:17:00 UTC | #164578

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