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Go to: Human Culture, an Evolutionary Force

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Tribes, for example in Africa, or the New Guinea highlands, are separated by their different languages, religions and customs. They seldom interbreed,

Just a quick note about tribes and their interactions (or lack of) from the side of social sciences. I can't speak for New Guinea, but as for Africa, anthropologist Jean-Loup Amselle suggested an interesting notion, "cultural continuum". Every group would have interacted with its neighbours, creating a kind of continuum where it's difficult to determine language/cultural/"tribal" units (so that many of those collective identities we take as given today seem to have arisen with the processes of colonization, in which case they wouldn't have had the time to provide much pressure for differentiation in appearance). It would be interesting to see if genetic evidence bears him out.

Wed, 03 Mar 2010 09:32:00 UTC | #446185

Go to: Islamic scholar Tahir ul-Qadri issues terrorism fatwa

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Why should we support the lesser evil?

Because it IS the lesser evil, and we haven't yet hit on a workable "no evil" solution. At least this way nobody gets blown up, which I'd say is an indispensable condition for any further debate.

Tue, 02 Mar 2010 18:08:00 UTC | #445942

Go to: Islamic scholar Tahir ul-Qadri issues terrorism fatwa

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People like ul-Qadri, speaking "from the inside", can arguably achieve more than anybody else. If he needs to base his arguments on the Qu'ran, so be it: I guess sometimes you have to use the same language as the people you're talking to if you want to get your point across. It's an important start. And I have to appreciate his courage.

Tue, 02 Mar 2010 15:18:00 UTC | #445879

Go to: Libya's Gaddafi urges jihad against Switzerland

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Well, appealing to (inventing) religious "reasons" (hah) for your actions is a standard political trick. And unfortunately, people do fall for it. But I've met many muslims who don't. In fact, they are as sick of it as you and me.

Fri, 26 Feb 2010 17:35:00 UTC | #444322

Go to: The trouble with homeopathy

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I wish I could write to the British MPs! In my country homeopathy is not officially recognized, but the homeopaths' pet argument is "it is part of the NHS in Britain, why not here?" (Surely, surely, the British can't have got it wrong, can they? ;) I'm guessing it's the same in at least some other European countries.

It's far too easy for the experimenters to cheat.
Don't tell them that! ;)

Wed, 24 Feb 2010 12:53:00 UTC | #443721

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