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Happy Birthday Richard! Let's hope for many, many more. I hope that you truly appreciate what a fantastic impact you've had, and are having, on people's lives - certainly mine, and many people I know. You're a great hero, an absolute inspiration, and our species is so much the richer for being able to count you among us.

Sat, 26 Mar 2011 00:16:56 UTC | #607193

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It's difficult to express my admiration for Richard Dawkins' public work without sounding too sychophantic. Like the great Carl Sagan, he constantly just seems to talk sense - and in layman's terms to boot!

I wonder if he expected and/or welcomed the status he currently holds in the public domain (there's surely little doubt that he is the central figure for the emancipation of mankind against backwardness and superstition - not a mean sounding feat in my book - surely we need at least 100 more Dawkins's to help bury this childish drivel in the West alone!).

I also wonder if he truly understands and appreciates how central he (and what he stands for) is becoming to many people's lives, and the profound effect he has had on so many people. I think he's already cemented his place in the history books. Let's hope there's still a good few chapters left in Richard Dawkins' own book - his tenure on this planet!

For the way he verbally attacks those who attack and abuse the vulnerable in any fashion they deem suitable, I like to paraphrase a line from Shakespeare's Hamlet;

"(He) speaks with daggers, but uses none"

Thank you Richard - you really are an inspiration!


"While we have masters in heaven, we can not be free on earth" George Orwell

Wed, 22 Sep 2010 20:46:01 UTC | #523504

Go to: Foreword for the UK edition of 'Letter to a Christian Nation'

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I've just started reading this one (although, should finish it soon as it's quite short), but so far almost everything in it is entirely accessible to the layman and hits the nail on the head in terms of going straight for the jugular.
(I just wish I could get 'End of Faith' via itunes as I'm stuck in the middle of Russia).
'The God Delusion' and 'God is not Great' (Hitchens) were (and are) fantastic books and even my limited concentration span didn't flag when reading either (I'd have preferred they were twice as long if anything!).
Next on my list after Harris' books is Russell's 'Why I am not a Christian'....and I would love to re-read Ludovic Kennedy's 'All in the Mind: A Farewell to God' which for some tragic reason seems to be out of print (anyone know where I might get a copy?).
All in all, I think the world needs bright, well balanced, well educated people like the above to keep popping their heads confidently and defiantly above the parapet in order to give rational, sceptical people not only a voice, but the confidence to know that they are in good company, and not 'doomed to eternal damnation' alone.
Even if Dawkins et al don't manage to universally demote religion to mythology (which I don't think they will as mankind is probably still at quite a primitive stage of evolution and needs comforting explanations/illusions for the things science can't yet prove - for me Dawkins' et al works will be seen as an outright, indisputable success when their works are seen as nothing short of truisms), then at least they are asking all the right questions and (surely) providing many of the right answers.
I sometimes wonder what a superior alien species (if one existed) to humans would think of the 'human condition' if they ever visited us and found out that we believed a God was omnipotent/the highest form of existence etc. I suppose their first question would be "who!?", then "are you being serious!?", then I think their reaction might be that we are pitiful, innocently naive, contemptible....or just a bit dim, and apart from the great work done by scientists/artists etc over the centuries, they would probably treat our opinions as we treat a child's - trying to guide us in a more progressive, rational direction whilst allowing us to indulge in our childish fantasies (providing we didn't harm any of the other 'children') until we were a bit more mature/evolved and could stand on our own two feet.

Anyway, that's my 10 pence worth. I hope Prof. Dawkins and co. continue to do their good work, and I hope we have many more Dawkins/Harris types waiting in the wings - They truly are important people in the times in which we live. Thanks.

Mon, 01 Mar 2010 09:33:00 UTC | #445270

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