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Go to: Church warns cell scientists not to play God

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If only God can create life - what is the warning about?

Its like warning me not to go to Mars.

Somehow I doubt their original premise.

Sun, 23 May 2010 19:13:44 UTC | #472776

Go to: Believe It or Not

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Ultimately, if someone believes in a religious worldview - then any sort of reason or compelling arguments, regardless of how effective or rational - will simply be ineffective. Its like trying to drown a fish in water.

For what its worth, I was a "born-again" Christian for the past 11-12 years. Now I gladly take the label of "New Atheist" for myself, after seeing firsthand the damage that fundamental (and to a lesser degree liberal) religious beliefs can do, both physically in the world, and also emotionally and socially.

One of the reasons for me for no longer believing in religion is the argument about an afterlife - In which people assume that we keep some sort of identity, memory and the ability to recognise people. This means that memory is not stored in the brain but in some supernatural "ether" or something. This is obviously scientifically untrue. Also, it assumes that not only do we take some physical form after death, but that this physical form is alike our earthly form. Again, this all assumes that this life is some sort of "test" for the real deal, and again - assumes that one cannot die in some sort of afterlife.

Basically, afterlife is attractive when you think of it briefly, its comforting to many. However, when you break it down into the components it requires to actually be practical - it becomes infeasible.

Sun, 16 May 2010 23:27:39 UTC | #470670

Go to: Texas Conservatives Win Curriculum Change

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"The center" said one conservative bigot from Texas, "Is too far to the left".

Sun, 16 May 2010 22:59:55 UTC | #470664

Go to: Buzz off, Harry Potter – we need reinventing

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I can see Mr Dyson's point, about not wasting the intellect with too much fantastic and pointless thoughts - however. I must disagree with his conclusion.

Without the realm of fantasy, wherein we can see no limit to the possibilities, we can hypothesise about things before there is any evidence of their existence - without this realm, scientific progress I think would be far slower. Surely, some of the greatest discoveries and insight into our world, started with a rather fantastical idea - something at the time, the Dysons of the age were more likely to say "put away your foolish stories boy and learn this textbook".

You can't stifle fantasy and creativity, without impacting on the minds in a way that would not really help science.

Thu, 13 May 2010 00:38:23 UTC | #469378

Go to: Conservatives Say 'Don't Ask' Repeal Would Hurt Military Chaplains

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"Allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly will "create a crisis of conscience for the chaplains," he said. "

How about the crisis of conscience that has been around already for any gays or lesbians who wish to serve openly, but because of the chaplains and bigoted religious views - are persecuted?

I hardly feel that the chaplains will face the same hardship.

Sat, 01 May 2010 13:14:00 UTC | #464559

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