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Go to: Richard Dawkins & Lawrence Krauss Tribute to Christopher Hitchens - 2012 Global Atheist Convention

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There are few things I cannot get enough of in life, but Hitch is one. Any compilation of the man's wit and wisdom dispensed as only he can do it, is a project I have already collated for myself, and I would definitely appreciate a more complete compilation.

Mon, 28 May 2012 20:25:32 UTC | #944046

Go to: “Forget Jesus” – Controversy at the Intersection of Miley Cyrus, Lawrence Krauss, Christianity, Atheism, Physics, Astronomy and Cosmology

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Although, I don't care for this author either, I am glad to see this quote from Lawrence Krauss. It is also one of my most cherished sentiments regarding our origins.

Thu, 08 Mar 2012 07:10:07 UTC | #925291

Go to: Religious Experiences Shrink Part of the Brain

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This explains that glazed doughnut with a lobotomy look in a born-again's eyes. No! Just kidding, nothing could explain that, ha. But yes, of course, beliefs that control thinking, modes of thought, and viewing the world in a certain way will affect the brain.

Sun, 05 Jun 2011 04:33:57 UTC | #634182

Go to: David Barton's Revistionist History & Liars for Jesus

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David Barton is a bold faced liar who has fabricated quotes and many other things in his pursuit of Christianizing US history. One of my favorites is the Madison fabricated quote:

We have staked the whole future of American civilization, nor upon the power of government, far from it. We have staked the future of all of our political institutions upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves ... according to the Ten Commandments of God. -- James Madison (false)

For which Barton had to write this (I think these are retractions). Anyway, he's scum; don't get any on you.

Fri, 06 May 2011 04:11:09 UTC | #623669

Go to: Rabbi misrepresents Dawkins to argue that atheists have no morality

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Fortunately, the comments on that article take care of the Rabbinical pretense to morality according to what I read before being overwhelmed with the feeling that I was wasting my time. The article has more than its fair share of the standard religious mis-characterizations of Professor Dawkins' writings, evolution, Sam Harris' books and views, not to mention the typical religionist's fictitious claim on morality. I was thoroughly disgusted by the end of the second paragraph as this writer marched the standard fictions out one bleat after another.

Sat, 26 Mar 2011 20:47:41 UTC | #607588

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