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Go to: This is a short promo for the two-hour documentary, "In God We Trust?" by Scott Burdick.

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Hi Scott

Thanks for the film and making it freely available .... great work, smart strategy.

Its an excellent piece of investigative journalism, and the "peeling the onion" narrative style works perfectly. It is also good that you added counterbalance to the hater faith heads with the moderate pastor and historians to explain the real history behind the development of US religion. That demonstrates a keen sense of integrity and journalistic balance.

I have referenced it in a couple of my online articles, using it to evidence the modern US continuation of "witch hunting" and recommend it in those articles to the readers as a real eye opener and education. To me it stands ably side by side with other secular focussed small production docs like GasLand, and is easly on a par with Bill Maher's Religulous.

Well done mate and I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Tue, 10 Apr 2012 13:25:21 UTC | #933631

Go to: How, realistically, do we get rid of faith schools?

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So my question addressed to all those who oppose faith schools is this: by what means do you imagine faith schools can ever be abolished?

The same way that, when I was at school, the government got rid of all publically funded single sex grammar cut off their funding so they have the option to change or go private. Mine changed as did all the other Salesian run schools in the UK.

Or do you mean how do we get to that point?

Well in that case perhaps a co-ordinated joint campaign by all the UK secular bodies working together to get this into the public dicussion and onto a politcal agenda would be a good start. As yet whatever campaigns have been done have been fractious and small scale.

Thu, 05 Apr 2012 09:46:17 UTC | #932526

Go to: The ‘God wars’ and the Global Atheist Convention

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Interestng to note that as usual with such sites there is no abilty to add any comments. Such is the nature of free debate as the Church sites see it. Perhaps an Australian free-thinker should ask that the site carries a rebuttal article given the provocative content of the OP?

And then theres the Alain exposure..... well, dont say I didnt tell y so! With frends like Alain and his woo woo nonsense who needs enemies (of reason)?

Finally as to the "label" for the type of atheist I am.... well Im going to stick with the excellent meme worthy one that NPR came up with for Professor D in a recent article instead of the usual "strident" malarkey....


Mon, 02 Apr 2012 11:10:07 UTC | #931857

Go to: [Update - WCTV Video] Teresa MacBain - coming out - American Atheists Conference March 26, 2012

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Hi Teresa

congratulations and my hearty best wishes for all your future work. It takes bravery and integrty to take the steps you have and I hope your family and friends are as supportive and loving as the crowd in the video;-) They should be proud of you.

The Clergy Project is great and admirable, and your proposals for a support network are excellent. I know it is hard to come out, as I correspond with two more escapees Al Stefanelli and Ernest Perce who underwent that process sans any support and they had a hellish time.

Look forward to the improved audio version of your speech being posted.

Again, well done and all the best!

Fri, 30 Mar 2012 12:23:03 UTC | #931337

Go to: Sean Faircloth & Richard Dawkins address the American Atheists Convention

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Prof D

Whilst I agree that we should, as voters, call our candidates out for saying they believe in ridiculous stuff, I think that in the USA that message gets lost on them. It will work in the UK, but Americans may see that as a step too was apparent on the UP show.

It is much easier, and more relevant I feel, to take the tack I did on a web log I wrote some guest articles for (look up Dave The Sandman and Al Stefanelli). There I took Rick Santorum and Newt Gingritch to task on their political positions and how these stood in direct contradiction of stated and set in stone Roman Catholc Church doctrine and policy. I then expanded the excercise to take in the whole US GOP and its palling up wth the RCC. In Ricks case he actually is arguably a schismatic heretic like Mel Gbson and his mad dad.

As I concluded the only common platforms they share are a hatred of the LGBT community drve for equal rights, and a war on womens reproductive rights. In all other matters they stand in contradiction to RCC doctrine.

(NB: I also called out the US RCC for failing to pont this out publically in a cynical and hypocritical tactic that is just another stain on their faith).

Exposing this, and challenging so called good Catholics who fight their elections on the fact they are good representatives of their faith and maintain their politcal stances because of their faith, is a much more effective way of exposing them for the hateful hypocrites and liars they are.

If our aim is to shut down the religulous psychobabble then I feel an attack on real terms rather than tlting at the ridiculous articles of faith is a better tactic. Calling out the stupidity of transubstantiation is just feeding the "aint he mean" trolls, even if it does make sense.

And for my US chums who may think its a bit unfair for me as a Brt to constantly rip on the US, dont worry....I have Baroness Waaaaah Waaaaah Warsi in my sights.

Wed, 28 Mar 2012 11:02:50 UTC | #930911

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