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As a parent of a 7 year-old, public school-attending, child living near the buckle of the bible belt this article, and several that it linked to, make me want to become a science teacher, ( I could hopefully live on the salary as I'm of fairly modest means as it stands now.)

2 weeks ago my adorable progeny brought home a reading comprehension worksheet about dinosaurs. We read it together: about how those with sharp teeth were carnivores and those with broad, rounded, grinding teeth were herbivores, and in the final sentence we read "the last dinosaur disappeared about a million years ago."... end of lesson. My eye strayed to the bottom of the page where I read quite clearly © 1977.

"That's not right is it?" I asked the bairn.

"No!" the sweet child replied, confidently.

"When did the dinosaurs go extinct?" I asked, repeating back a question this very child had asked me 6 months ago, and which we had looked into at the time.

"65 million years ago!" was the response I proudly received

I'd almost be willing to bet that my state has its highest demand for teachers K-12 in the science and math departments.

This has given me a cornucopia of food of thought, as we all have our parts to play, and we must surely know by now that the opposite side will never give up.

All the best

Wed, 02 Mar 2011 09:35:46 UTC | #597964

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Sun, 02 May 2010 08:30:00 UTC | #464880

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