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Mon, 11 Jun 2012 04:26:38 UTC | #946804

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Good work. This is going to be quick, as I am on babysitting duty. What can be done in Brazil. The part where I am seems to be getting morereligious, not less.

          [Comment 30](/videos/645911-dawkins-foundation-innovating-for-a-secular-world-a-call-to-action-by-sean-faircloth-madison-wi/comments?page=1#comment_941311) by  [t sean faircloth](/profiles/147070)          :

                 This is Sean. This video offers specific action steps -- for you. Here's my question: Will you take action? Will you look at the list of action steps and help? Right now. Make suggestions. Be creative. We can achieve these goals if we organize now and collaborate.  Anonymous people who make illogical or false statements may get a response.  I quite publicly identify myself. I find the intellectual level of internet discourse is degraded by the temptation to engage in anonymous screeching that people would hesitate to offer if they identified themselves. I say come out come out -- as I have.  I stand by my words by name, and take all comers.  When, and if, I have time, I will confront anonymous illogical people.So back to my question: Will people help with specific action steps, like those I describe in the video? I stand ready to debate and discuss HOW we move forward, but the discussion should be about action. Action now.  Those who take action are the people who will create a secular society.

Sun, 13 May 2012 23:17:02 UTC | #941321

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Try digging further, Professor: one way is that you could put some of the ethical dilemmas in "Medical School Interviews" (Lee and Picard) to him. See what he says when you engage him on subjects that are in his context.

Perhaps he has heard of Orang Pendek and this has whetted his appetite.

I think your second question is one I find very hard to answer, because I have seen you pose it before. It raises all kinds of emotions in me, though mostly anger and frustration. I respectfully request your thoughts on your approach. I live in the hinterland of a tropical region and have to accept the teatment I get.

Tue, 31 Jan 2012 19:57:12 UTC | #913169

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Comment 5 by Richard Dawkins :

The method is interesting., and it would be good to see a review article gathering together all studies of this kind. However, this particular study seems to me rather too slight and inconclusive, on its own, to be worth singling out for attention. And the alleged age difference is not statistically significant, so let's not get too worked up trying to explain it. Richard

I think you probably gave this more time than I did, for I did not get past the first sentence. "Supernatural instinct" is it? He possibly means something in a Darwinian sense. What can it be, Professor?

Tue, 31 Jan 2012 18:58:17 UTC | #913139

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Comment 6 by snail-12 :

I still struggle to see how scientific morality will work in practice. Any thoughts?

Yes. When one reads a scientific paper, there is almost always a Discussion and/or Conclusion. You then draw your morality from that, through reason and rationalisation.

Mon, 30 Jan 2012 14:09:31 UTC | #912680

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