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O.K. Woundernerd Hold it between your knees!

Tue, 21 Aug 2012 05:58:54 UTC | #951103

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You can read one book and what people who make a living off of that one book write or you can look for what is true. Everyone can do that - they have the right.

In 325 CE, when the Council of Bishops in Rome decided to make an official canon there were thousands of books, epistles, and gospels existing throughout Europe. They were both Hebrew and Greek scriptures, and The Council of Nicaea decided to discard and destroy each and every book, epistle, and gospel that did not agree with their theology, which was the doctrine of the Trinity and the divinity of Jesus. The "chosen Gospels" were randomly assigned authorship over a hundred years after they were written. The authors of the Gospels are unknown. The Gospels were written forty to seventy years after the supposed death of Jesus. There are no eyewitness accounts - and the names given the Gospels are just titles. There are no originals and nobody knows what was originally written.

There is an eyewitness to the events in Judea in the first half of the first century AD, Philo of Alexandria. Philo did not write one word about Jesus or Christianity. Not a single contemporary person writes about the earthquake described in Matthew 27:51-54 where the earth shook, rocks were rent, and graves opened. This story would not have escaped the attention of the historians worldwide.

There were never 12 disciples or a master. The story was invented to legitimize the claims of the early churches. The original Mary was fashioned on pagan goddesses and she was not a virgin. Unlike Jesus and Mary a real historical figures, before Jesus, Julius Caesar has a mass of evidence.

Nothing in Christianity was original it had all been in the literature for centuries.

The biblical account of the crucifixion says that when Jesus was crucified the heavens and earth affirmed his deity, causing a three-hour eclipse of the sun over all the earth. There was an earthquake causing Jerusalem's temple curtain to be split into, and many Jewish saints resurrected from their graves appearing to the people in Jerusalem. Matthew 27, at the death of Jesus, many dead people came out of their graves and appeared to many. No historian mentions it. None of the other gospels mentions it. They didn't notice dead people walking around? The disciples in the book of Acts, as Luke tells the story, don't even mention it. Apparently when Luke wrote the book of Acts, he had never heard of the story written in Matthew.

Matthew 27:39 and Mark 15:27 say Jesus was crucified between two thieves. It is a historical fact that the Romans did not crucify thieves.

Luke 23:44-45, there occurred "about the sixth hour, and there was darkness over all the earth until the ninth hour, and the sun was darkened, and the veil of the temple was rent in the midst."

Yet not a single mention of such a three hour ecliptic event got recorded by anyone, including the astronomers and astrologers, anywhere in the world, including Pliny the Elder and Seneca who both recorded eclipses from other dates. Solar eclipses can't occur during a full moon and Passovers always occur during full moons.

The Gospels mention innumerable times the great multitudes that followed Jesus and crowds of people who congregated to hear him. Luke 5:15 says that there grew "a fame abroad of him." Not one historian, philosopher or poet living during the time of Jesus ever mentions him. The Gospels represent Jesus as an exalted celebrated prophet, with great multitudes of people who knew about him, including the greatest Jewish high priests and the Roman authorities of the area, and not one person records his existence during his lifetime. The Gospels were not written in Jesus lifetime or a named eyewitness' written account that has ever existed.

Sun, 19 Aug 2012 16:53:39 UTC | #951048

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Pardon me WONDERNERD, but what did you say to a Southern Baptist to cause them to say "Wow, I can't believe I used to believe that garbage!"

Maybe you broke the news, "the Earth is not 6000 years old"?

You said, “To be fair, he changed my views some as well, not much on religion, but on a few political issues that needn't be discussed here.”

Sure WONDERNERD, aren’t we all just dying to become Fox News fans?

Sun, 19 Aug 2012 02:48:29 UTC | #951021

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Most of us have an innate moral sense which is genetically coded into us as a direct result of over one hundred thousand years of physical and social evolution. With the exception of some mutant psychopaths who run a muck killing. And religion does nothing for them - or the insane.

How does worshiping a sky fairy on your knees and listening to lies make us moral? I don't notice god doing the right thing . All of the suffering there is and god who could snap his fingers and stop it, but he doesn't. I've heard all the excuses, let's face facts okay, it sucks and makes no sense. Real knowledge matters (even with morality) in the long run because authority can be given but ability is earned. If you know the answers yourself you do not have to give power to an authoritative figure. You give yourself the power to be your own authority. To act own your own knowledge (and morality) not someone else's, to express your own opinions not someone else's opinions. I don't have my own moral compass - I need someone to tell me what's right? By lowering our sense of self worth we let religion or it's leaders demean us.

(someone said) "When good people do bad things that takes religion."

Sat, 11 Aug 2012 19:48:54 UTC | #950690

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Comment 24 by 12PM Humans have power. That is the power of mind.

To explain myths or any other preconceived ideology with quantum physics is a multi-faceted problem. For instance the use of the duality of particles used to prove the supernatural. Our lack of knowledge about the definite existence or non-existence of a particle before it has been actualized does not imply that it manifests some kind of strange reality between existence and nonexistence. We know it does in fact exist but we may have to predict where it exists. It's not supernatural. Various claims are made about quantum mechanics to make it supports the ideas of religious philosophies that do try to use new scientific theories to support their specific ideologies that they promote. The most usual way they have gotten their ideologies to conform to new scientific discoveries is through twisting scientific theories (quantum mechanics) in order to prove what they already believe. They have written books that are not explaining quantum mechanics but only giving non-technical concepts of the new physics. When they try to unite magic with the new physics they run into problems. They say that we can not say that an atomic particle exists at a certain place and we can't say it does not exist. The particle has a strange probability pattern to exist and not exist. We can't describe the state of the particle in terms of fixed opposite concepts, because the particle is not present at a definite place but it is not omitted. The particle does not change position or rest. What changes is the probability pattern. This is not the same as saying something exists with no proof of its existence. Science does not transcend the concept of existence and non-existence as is done in religion. It is no longer a probability explanation of a quantum event. Now it is a reality that transcends the concepts, it is now about how creationists think of reality and that is supposed to have some kind of applicability to quantum mechanics.

"> Comment 24 by 12PM

  1. Mind has erected the objective outside world … out of its own stuff.

Quantum physicists discovered that every object in the universe has both particle-like and wave-like properties. Particles are waves, and waves are particles. Every object in the universe is a quantum particle that has some characteristics of both particles and waves, but isn't really either. Some advocates of design try to use quantum mechanics to prove that consciousness (the mind) is not independent from reality (consciousness is required first then you have reality). What they are saying is consciousness (the mind) is not a product of real matter, but the creator of the illusion of material reality. They believe quantum mechanics proves that the universe is mental not material and there is nothing that is in reality material (actually this idea is not new the Gnostics thought the world was imaginary).

What some design advocates are doing is trying to use the subatomic world to prove (design) by saying that there is no absolute reality because the object could never be completely separated from the observer (consciousness.) Some claim that what we know in actuality is not separate from what we observe (they are the same thing.) The idea is that through (consciousness) observing something (like the universe) makes it exist but if we don't observe it doesn't exist. There is not one interpretation of quantum mechanics that claims that the observer makes the object exist. We know that things can exist without us ever observing them and the two things are separate. That is because it is impossible to create something by seeing it, and we also know it is ridiculous as hell. Dependency of the object on the act of observing has nothing to do with the fact that it exists.

The observer does not determine the state of anything including the universe. The Quantum Zeno Effect is another example of the effects of quantum measurement: making repeated measurements of a quantum system can prevent it from changing its state. Between measurements, the system exists in a superposition of two possible states, with the probability of one increasing and the other decreasing. Each measurement puts the system back into a single definite state, and the evolution has to start over. Consciousness is not the universe and quantum mechanics do not confirm creationism or intelligent design.

Comment 24 by 12PM NOTE: I'm not going say whether I believe (5) or not.

Mr. 12PM please don't keep us in suspense! Cut out and paste on!

Sat, 30 Jul 2011 09:15:38 UTC | #855788

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