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Go to: Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams criticizes popular atheist writers

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The archbishop spouts...."religion and faith comes with no conditions" Methinks HE is greatly deluded.
It is a fact that all religions have many rules and regs that must be obeyed in order to enter into "the kingdom of heaven" OR, brimstone and eternal hell, awaits.

The only reason that mankind had no knowledge of the universe 500 years ago was that the mother church systematically suppressed all scientific data, then declared men of science, heretics.

Power and control through lack of education have always been the primary objectives of the mother church for eons, and, still exists today.

One only has to look at the countries where the mother church is embedded politically and socially to see the dreadful state of affairs such as overpopulation, economic deprivation and a standard of living that is zero.
The skirted men who runs these institutions have no probs such as these. They are the well educated "fat cats" who live in the lap of luxury laughing all the way to the bank. Their eternal message..."don't do as I do, do as I bully you to do so"
If these men truly believed in the dogma espoused by the man from Galilee, e.g. "divulge yourself of all riches and follow me" then their raiment would be hair shirts and they would be toting an alms bowl. Having material things like huge banks accounts and private jets would not enter their silly, deluded heads.

Enlightenment of the universe and all that science has to offer starts with the education of the very young, thus offering choice to all peoples.

Mon, 15 Oct 2007 06:19:00 UTC | #75180

Go to: Richard Dawkins and Alister McGrath

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In response to comment 46471 Steve99

It is inappropriate to condemn free speech.
The fundamentalist christians have not changed the U.S. Constitution, yet! Nor do we need a fundamentalist athiest to even try.....

Mcgrath lectured with an elequence of affected speech, with more than a small dose of condescension, mistakenly construed as politeness.

As I said in my original comment, Mcgrath's arguments for religion and faith, was verbal diarrhoea.

His fairy stories should remain where they belong, in the midden. To elucidate, Garden Trash.

Thu, 31 May 2007 19:30:00 UTC | #43763

Go to: Richard Dawkins and Alister McGrath

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McGrath's verbal diahorrea about christianity, god and faith is pathetic.
Nothing that came out of his mouth makes any sense whatsoever. He must have been left in the nursery too long without human verbal contact.
A few months in a closed unit, may help!

Wed, 30 May 2007 19:31:00 UTC | #43449

Go to: Freethinking Ruins All Things

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To Daniel Larson,

You must be an adherent of LEO STRAUSS, who was an elitist that advocated that the rabble (the people) must be kept in line, controlled, by well thought up myths and lies, spewed out by neo-cons (nazis) in government. All for our own good.

To the rabble, of which I am one, google Leo Strauss and read the Wikipedia bio of this man. He is responsible for the present day neo cons who are continuing with the myths and lies.

BBC in 2004 aired 3 film segments about what this man advocated to keep the American public from Freethinking.
I was stunned and appalled when I viewed them.
Perhaps you will be too.

Here is the address if anyone would like to see them, it really is an eye opener. Of course, it has not been shown on U.S. T.V.

Scots wha hae

Fri, 18 May 2007 02:10:00 UTC | #39543

Go to: BBC man says 'I was wrong to lose it. But these scientologists are truly scary'

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Many years ago, early 70's I read the unautherised biography of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology.

It was one hell of an eye opener, chicanery and fraud are two of the nicest words I can think of.
It was a very disturbing book, one I have not forgotten.
The man was a dangerous nut.

Psychiatric help in a locked unit, was definately needed for this mentally ill man.

One of my friend's daughter was enveigled into the scientology cult by a dishonest Ad in the Employment section of the newspaper.
Her brainwashing started immediately, she was deemed incommunicado, her parents were not allowed to talk to her or see her.
Fortunately there was an anti-cult group very active in London, and the managed to physically rescue her.
After they got her home, the scientologists started with harassing calls and visits, it got so bad, they had to go into hiding.
It took months to de-programme her. It was horrific.
Everytime I happen to see John Trevolting or Tom Cruise in print, I have the urge to vomit.

The scientologists have tried to change their image since the exposure of L.Ron Hubbard, they have not. It is still a very active cult, preying on unsuspecting people.

The fundamentalist christian leaders that are politically active and connected in the U.S., today, remind me of Hubbard. They too, could benefit by spending a few years on the psychiatrist's couch, AND, away from the pulpit!

Scots wha hae

Tue, 15 May 2007 17:56:00 UTC | #38567

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