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21. Comment #480146 by Damien Trotter

There are decent priests. What they are is Pedhophiles. Don't make the mistake of saying Priest = Pedhophiles.

Wed, 14 Apr 2010 20:37:00 UTC | #459520

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51. Comment #479842 by NMcC

well, yes. everyone knows Dawkins and Hitchens are anti- religion. Hitchens calls himself an anti-theist. Maybe that's what motivates them in all this. So What? When you look at the arguments they make... it's clear they have a point. it's not like they're making an attack against Catholic Doctrine. But, to be fair no one can fight all causes. If a bad target is being aimed, it's a Tu quoque to say that they should aim all targets. One is free to choose the fight they wanna fight.

Wed, 14 Apr 2010 19:23:00 UTC | #459483

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5. Comment #479934 by InfiniteComplexity

Professor Flew was the world's leading atheist and changed his mind only because of the EVIDENCE. Drawers and drawers of evidence, hard disks upon hard disks of evidence. More being uncovered every day as new genomes are mapped out. It exists regardless of your nationality, regardless of your political ideologies, regardless of whether you happen to be brought up in a faith such as Hinduism or atheism. The evidence is always going to be there. For Flew, the evidence had spoken.

Here's to Professor Flew for being to his last heartbeat a true man of science and reason!

Senile or not... true he became a Deist... Not a Theist. To many Theists... this is worse.
Anyway... the fact that one philosopher says he found God... does not mean he is right.
What is the evidence that Flew saw anyway?

Wed, 14 Apr 2010 14:51:00 UTC | #459331

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I'd love to see the pope arrested. But, come on... justice is not coming. The pope won't get arrested. the Boo's from outside won't make a difference to him.
Anyway, it's worth the try.

Tue, 13 Apr 2010 23:39:00 UTC | #459085

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