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Go to: Melvyn Bragg attacks Richard Dawkins' 'atheist fundamentalism'

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I knew from that headline that this would be a Telegraph article! They must have some unhealthy obsession with Richard Dawkins. By fundamentalism they must mean atheists that are invited to attend lectures/conferences, are asked for interviews by the press, and writing books nobody is forced to buy.

Wed, 14 Mar 2012 15:29:24 UTC | #926973

Go to: The Sins of the Fathers [Also in Polish]

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It must be some sort of (rite of passage) for a journalist to go after Richard Dawkins. There, sitting at the desk, word document blank, pondering.

"Ah, I'll do an article about religion, I haven't done one yet. I'm not religious, but I'll be intentionally apologetic in order to make Dawkins come across as strident while making myself the knight of freedom. First things first, I'll need a photo of a serious looking Richard Dawkins to go along with my pithy headline."

If this journalist believes that genes pass on guilt through ancestry, he should try getting the Queen's phone number. Oh, wait, that wouldn't be very British would it?

Sat, 18 Feb 2012 21:27:34 UTC | #919365

Go to: Ala. town's criminals get choice: Jail or church

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I'd choose church and state I'm a none-believer that will spend 6 days of the week studying evolution. When attending church, I'll take books by my favourite atheist authors while the pastor preachers. You have to attend church, but who says you have to listen? Hell, take a music player. Unless there's an exam at the end, take advantage of this idiotic decision. Also, annoy them by asking a lot of questions. I'm sure the pastor will get sick of you.

Sat, 24 Sep 2011 15:48:09 UTC | #874751

Go to: [Update - comments by AC Grayling] British academics launch £18,000 college in London

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Lawrence M Krauss is one of the academics - nice! :) It sounds like a good idea, but again, seems very elitist and intimidating. I hope the college records the lectures and uploads to iTunes or maybe that nice looking website. All the best with it Richard.

Sun, 05 Jun 2011 16:44:54 UTC | #634278

Go to: ANIMATED Tree of Life please?

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Amazing idea! I've love to see an educational website like this. What would also be a good idea is to have videos for each species on the tree - maybe a quick minute talk from Richard Dawkins himself. It could work like the Khan Academy, a place for children and adults to expand their knowledge on evolution.

Tue, 17 May 2011 22:00:49 UTC | #627662

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