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"The well written book ‘Ireland since 1939 – the persistence of conflict by Henry Patterson has one striking sentence I will never forget “A Republican internee during the second world war, Devlin had educated himself out of both nationalism and Catholicism to become a dogged and courageous exponent of socialism and secularism.”

If self education is the key to changing a person's mindset, as education in the UK has simply become a process of instruction to pass exams, Atheism can't even expect to make a dent in the world as a 'concept' for people to turn to after years of religious nonsense unless it starts to produce material that appeals to sectors of society whom are lagging behind on critical thinking etc etc yaddy yadda yadda ...

Mary Midgley's style of writing I find very easy to read, and I can empathize with both Mary and Richard.

Mon, 27 Dec 2010 14:21:11 UTC | #569245

Go to: Mary Midgley and the selfish gene... apparently it's Margaret Thatcher's fault

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Have you read any of Oliver James books, and if you have what are your thoughts on it and his style of writing?

Could it be that she may have read the book but did not understand it entirely because the way in which it is written makes it more difficult for those whom think more with the right side of your brain to understand it in the first place? or easier to misinterpret it?

A lot of people criticize the writing style of Oliver James, however I find it a style I can read with great ease unlike the books written by Richard Dawkins. (Also the book Commonsense Rebellion is fabuloid!)

I do respond easier to visual material demonstrating theories in Dawkin's books as well.

Could it be that she actually agrees with your book in some respects, but like a growing amount of people don't believe the 'selfish' element to be genetic but merely environmental. (maybe this is what you suggest Richard) I really enjoyed Oliver James book Afluenza.

Since the Thatcherite era 'real' communities have disappeared causing social problems to flourish.

I am of the opinion that all 'selfish' behaviour is a person's brain stuck in 'robot' mode and thus doomed to repeat the mistakes of their predecessors.

I think most people can be rehabilitated to see the error of their ways, but treating each and every person like an individual and working out the best method of rehabilitation slowly is not part of rehabilitation for most today, and an institutionalized society makes individualism near impossible.

Not all psychopaths do evil in this world, and some even develope real emotions through life changing experiences eg having a child (me for example) had I chose to read only material written by Dawkins and the like, I am convinced I would not have been impowered to break the cycle of emotional abuse in my family (you could blame it on religious indocrination, but I think deeper than that, religion is not the main problem, trying to parent with no 'real' communities is the first problem needing fixing and fast).

Richard you said recently you are writing a book for children, what about producing some written material actively targetting people whom think more with the right side of their brain (and no this is NOT always females, and especially not now in a more diverse society)

I am an atheist and a humanist, and I am against organized religion, but I can't help but see 'Atheism' losing a lot of respect from sectors of society that really want to join but are frightened by so many 'left brain thinkers'

food for thought at the very least.....

Mon, 27 Dec 2010 14:07:53 UTC | #569239

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Spot on, we are afraid to offend the Irish/Catholicism in the same way we are afraid to offend Muslims I think.

Mon, 27 Dec 2010 12:24:42 UTC | #569210

Go to: Obsessive Compulsive Control Freaks

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Comment to Dawkins discussion on 'Obsessive Compulsive Control Freaks'

Watch the movie 'The Secretary' it provides good insight into why some people behave the way they do (and is a very sexy movie to watch too!)

Fighting fire with fire approach will not work in communities riddled with religious teachings and abuse etc (take N.Ireland as an example!), but setting up free thinking camps, parenting assistance etc just might, also creating simple written/visual material that is easily accessible for the youth of these communities (you tube) would be worth it's weight in gold for the future of humanity.

Religion is only a disease of the mind fact IF an impaired theory of mind is allowed to flourish into adulthood and thus letting go of any imposed 'labels' can become near impossible.

however being a 'strident Atheist' can fall under the same category as 'religion' the one thing stopping 'Atheism' obtaining world wide respect is the absolute negative attitude towards simple 'God' believers. There is no harm in believing in God or the concept of God, or even the teachings of Jesus (although an updated version would be nice!), organized religion whom acts with no real authority however, this is more harmful to humanity than any 'dodgy' government in existence today. We need a 'Wikileaks' style revolution bringing 'Atheism' up to date with recent findings on how the mind work and people behave the way they do.

Richard Dawkin's, I would like to work with you on some projects in the future to help 'Atheism' pick up the pieces Religion has left behind for many, I have a skill, I know what makes different people tick and why, and unlike most people with this £££ skill I refuse to enter a career of advertising and the like! Infact I would rather be poor for the rest of my life than make a penny manipulating people for the wrong reasons, doing it for the right reasons, that I'm happy to partake in! (I'm like the guy from wire in the blood lol!!) Your correct some people do LIKE having their every movement bound by arbitrary rules that have no rhyme or reason, and attacking them for it without trying to understand why they feel this way will only make matters worse for everybody.

The constant release of simple books/visual material targeting sections of society lagging behind in critical thinking is the only way out of this mess. I have some awesome ideas on how this would be done, but I need a team of people and some financial support (I'm happy to work for food and a roof over my families head) lets start with the UK and Ireland, and watch how the world takes on a brave new world without much brain washing needed at all.....the truth is a powerful tool...

Mon, 27 Dec 2010 12:21:48 UTC | #569209

Go to: A Better Read on the Dyslexic Brain

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Due to spending my first 5 years growing up in an environment many would describe as emotionally abusive to a child (I place no blame on any person, I am very simply matter of fact about it) I had severe speech delay as a child which of course manifested itself as dyslexia as I began to become involved in reading/writing activities at school.

I was never diagnosed as a child because I was moved at age four and forced to grow up in the most institutionalized environment of the UK, bandit country in Northern Ireland. As false pride was constantly under attack, I don't think many people got diagnosed with any personality disorders or mental illnesses growing up in the eighties, as it was deemed a 'load of nonsense' and a threat to the perceived notion that to be 'catholic' and 'republican' still meant to be of sound mind for modern society.

I obtained excellent grades, or as I like to call them instruction to pass exams, but not any part of my schooling or community/family relationships enabled me to repair my then impaired theory of mind (not to mention I was suffering post traumatic stress disorder haven't been removed from my loving father and told I was not to see him again)

Only through extensive reading in the last few years (I am now 30) have I come to realize that the very act of reading has been my 'therapy' for a much troubled mind, and developing a talent for critical thinking has become my favorite pass time. I do however still struggle with word blindness and dyslexia will always effect my writing skills I imagine, which is why I often sigh at the ignorance of people choosing to shoot the messenger i.e. criticize grammar/spelling instead if trying to use their own skills of language to understand the message and see past any mistakes in written form.

Eddie Izzard commands respect giving verbal performances worthy of a gold medal, however I'm sure if he was asked to write the material down as a self confessed dyslexic sufferer he would need the help of a ghost writer to insure the written material was worthy of print.

In an ever growing institutionalized society in the UK good verbal skills are deemed useless and thus leaves a massive proportion of society very frustrated as their 'opinions' can never make it into the public domain without help.

The first six years of a child's life can be an experience helping to developed a theory of mind able to tackle all what life throws at them, or can be an experience crushing parts of their minds leading to an array of learning difficulties or personality disorders (I don't think sales of a few of Richard Dawkin's books would have been so high if people on the spectrum of autism disorder weren't so high in developed countries today.

As a female whom also grew up in a very female oppressive environment I would love to write some books to help pass on some of the more complex theories out there in a more easy to digest format (something I think You Tube is currently helping with) particularly targeting the female audience thinking of pro-creating maybe (It takes a community to bring up a child etc etc)

However as a poor female with no contacts in the world of media, or an educational background worthy of a second look, I won't hold my breath trying to break into journalism, but I will still try!

Sun, 26 Dec 2010 16:10:00 UTC | #568970

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