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How many agree with the NY times that Chomsky is arguably the most important intellectual alive (I do)?

Ironic isn't it, that the most important (at least American) public intellectual alive is so considered everywhere except in his own country where he has been de facto banned from the corporate (and fake "public") airwaves.

Tue, 09 Nov 2010 17:25:38 UTC | #544731

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Read the titles of the articles found on the cover of the, oh, say 20 odd "womens" magazines next time you're at the supermarket checkout counter. Some examples:

1.The Boltzmann transport equation: fractional derivatives appearing in a physical model.
2.What's new about the "New Atheism". 3.Quantum phase transition from a superfluid to a Mott insulator in a gas of ultracold atoms. 4.Plancks Gesetz und Lichtquantenhypothese (oh, wait, that must be from the German version of Cosmopolitan) 5.Mean-field theory of Feshbach-resonant interactions in 85Rb condensates. 6.Speciation via disruptive selection on habitat preference. 7.Gene Transposition as a Cause of Hybrid Sterility in Drosophila

Tue, 09 Nov 2010 16:05:20 UTC | #544673

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Comment 379 by Layla: Yeah, you're right Questionator (ha). It's a female isn't it? That's obviously proof (BUT NOT OF AN ANECDOTAL NATURE! at all!) that women are overly emotional, sensitive, irrational creatures. That's the point you're trying to make, isn't it? Why don't you just come out and say it? Is it because you know it would make you look stupid?

Layla(you've got me on my knees), I see your "Is it because you know it would make you look stupid?" and raise you a "You look so cute when you get all stomppy and huffy."

Tue, 09 Nov 2010 14:13:17 UTC | #544614

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And now for another anecdotal observation: who is threatening to stomp off in an emotional huff -waaa waaaa waaa "hostile atmosphere" waaaa waaa waaa "Sexism" waaaa waaaa waaaa "boy's club"...... a male or a female?

Mon, 08 Nov 2010 20:04:04 UTC | #544278

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Mr. DeGrasse Tyson has been understandably mealy mouthed about his position. Were he to come out cleanly, vocally and publicly (not just in lectures in obscure fora preaching to the choir i.e. the likes of us here) on the anti-theist side a la Richard Dawkins, his time remaining on US national TV would be expressed in nanoseconds. So he begs off by issuing "I don't care what you believe, you can believe whatever you like" CYA type bromides. Which will have to do for the time being because we can not afford to lose Scientist role models much less African American Scientist role models.

As to Comment 37 by 0penM1nded: "As an aside, I wonder if 2 similar people did similar heroic acts, whether the one who was motivated by their faith would become a hero and the atheist would just fade into history!" Christopher Hitchens here contends that just such a thing has already happened to A. Phillip Randolph vis-à-vis MLK Jr.

Tue, 05 Oct 2010 09:47:53 UTC | #529125

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