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Speaking as a Northern Ireland student, albeit from a state-controlled school... please don't stop.

I was genuinely interested in evolution at school, having found the work of Dawkins a couple of years before, but every time I asked a question regarding it (even when we were studying "Natural Selection" where the term "evolution" wasn't EVER mentioned), I got an incredibly vague answer saying how nobody knows and while some people believe in evolution (equating a scientific principal with the tooth fairy, Santa and Jesus), that we don't know and that it's probably all wrong.

My GCSE physics teacher took it to another level of horrendous doublethink when she stated that she believed in the big bang but also that the world was only 6000 years old. My ICT teacher for four years went on a rant about how evolution was rubbish when we covered the topic of "evolutionary prototyping". Naturally I challenged him yet he (and more importantly, the rest of the class, considering this is a state controlled educational facility) claimed victory because at that point, I didn't know the fine details of carbon dating. Another example was at the last NI assembly election when our vice-principal told us to go onto a Christian website to find out who to vote for.

My point is that critical thinking and the scientific method are not just missing from the education system here, but it's actively discouraged and downright attacked in some cases. I realise that I'm using purely anecdotal evidence from my own time in secondary school (which I only left 3 months ago in case any of you were wondering) and extrapolating it to the entire system, but it really is a tragedy that we are in this situation.

It's truly disheartening that even when teachers such as yourself decide to spread information about reality, you're shot down. As I said before, please don't stop. I do however understand that continuing may threaten your career as you're working in the Catholic sector I assume.

Personally, I have no idea how to help you in your situation except maybe tell them that it's on the curriculum and that if your pupils don't learn it thoroughly, it threatens their exam results. The system needs intelligent people such as yourself to counteract all the bull. I wish you the best of luck in resolving your predicament, and that you continue teaching facts so that pupils in a similar situation to me, don't feel like they're going insane.

Kind regards.

Thu, 22 Sep 2011 23:34:26 UTC | #874122

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I'm from the UK and it's still working (16:14) if you follow Michael Fisher's instructions (much appreciated btw). I think the key is to edit your current address to one from the USA, instead of adding a second address to your Amazon account.

Tue, 06 Sep 2011 15:13:55 UTC | #867911

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Comment 31 by Richard Dawkins :

How dare the BBC be so islamophobic as to expose the truth about Islamic education.


How islamosympathetic of you (or whatever the new buzz-word is).

Mon, 22 Nov 2010 21:50:13 UTC | #551692

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Comment 14 by IndigoPanda :

Thats particularly sad because Call of Duty: Black Ops isnt even a very good game.

I prefer Bad Company 2.

Tue, 16 Nov 2010 20:14:45 UTC | #548461

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Comment 50 by Roger J. Stanyard :

Sounds like you are talking about the Methodist College in Belfast. If so, I can confirm to others there is a huge creationist problem there.

I wasn't talking about Methody actually but your link disheartened me. I always assumed that the big Belfast schools would be less likely than the backwater "Royal School" I attend, to be saturated with creationists. I wonder what the situations at BRA and Campbell College are.

I'm currently watching a report on BBC news saying that the current NI first minister said that segregated education is a "benign form of apartheid". It's not often I agree with Peter Robinson but that's a good call, even if he's only making it to bash the catholic-maintained schools.

Sun, 17 Oct 2010 17:28:03 UTC | #534590

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