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Go to: Promoting Doubt: Bill Maher on the DVD Release of Religulous

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How do you get the DVD in the UK?

Sat, 21 Feb 2009 09:32:00 UTC | #328609

Go to: The rise of Miliband brings at last the prospect of an atheist prime minister

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I think all politicians are actually atheists, even if they say they aren't. Including Blair and Bush. They say they aren't so they can win power/popularity/jobs. They are all basically power-crazy liars. For this reason Miliband will find some way of confusing people about his 'actual' spiritual beliefs once he gets closer to the prize.

Sat, 23 Aug 2008 00:28:00 UTC | #222784

Go to: Unintelligent Design

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Re: 6% thing - in his book he actually says skydivers are known to have forgotten, with 'one estmate' being 6%. In the notes to that particular page he references the following website as his source;

This site says 'Six per cent were no-pulls: the skydiver forgot to pull the chute, or did so too late", and itself references as its source.

(I guess Gary must have been caught out by one of his kluges).

I took part in a group discussion with Gary Marcus at the Dana Centre in London a couple of months ago. He was engaging and patient with our group, getting his views across in simple and effective ways - like his book, and this article.

Mon, 18 Aug 2008 08:45:00 UTC | #220107

Go to: The Neanderthal Debate

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I remember a TV programme a few years ago where a scientist had the theory that homosapiens, who had smaller brains, were physically smaller, and had a weaker sense of smell and hearing than neanderthals, came to dominate because they domesticated dogs (stay with me here....)

The dogs became the 'ears and noses' of the homosapiens, allowing the 'saps to focus their brain resources on developing language and creative thinking. Which then allowed them to overcome the neanderthals (either through direct or indirect competition).

I can't remember what evidence he had for any of this, but as a canine lover it seemed like a nice story.

Sun, 04 May 2008 14:34:00 UTC | #166207

Go to: Richard Dawkins and Bill Maher

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I don't get the whole 'who invented the phrase "imaginary friend"?' banter at the start. How can anyone claim to have invented that? And why?

Sat, 12 Apr 2008 15:44:00 UTC | #151701

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